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     You have wandered to the cyber home of the Amick Racing Team!
The Amick family has been driving in circles out here in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota for many years, and there's no end in sight. On your expedition around our site you'll see some pictures from the past 40 years of the team’s history. There is also some cool in car camera video's, some coloring book pages to help you pass the time. Don't forget to check out the Links page and our Sponsors page. We can't say thank you enough to all of the friends, family and sponsors who help make all of this possible!

      Another night is completed. We loaded up the speeder and headed to Gillette Thunder Speedway. We have the bugs worked out of the new carburetor, and also have tweaked on the setup a bit more too. Managed to pull off a 5th place finish.
     Next race is at Black Hills Speedway on July 8th... See you there!

cool pic 2

     Night 2 is in the books. Had a pretty strong run tonight despite a bit of a rough track. Hopefully we've got the bugs worked out of the speeder, we'll be ready to run with the big dogs, the CLMA DirtCar series on June 10th at Black Hills Speedway! See you there!

     I've uploaded the incar video's from May 27th, head over and check them out!

     The 2011 season is quickly approaching! Before you know it it'll be time to kick the tires and go throw some mud. There are a few things in the works for the Amick Racing Team this season that should be quite exciting, I'll update you all here as they unfold. Be sure to get ready for a great season at Black Hills Speedway and Gillette Thunder Speedway! Check in on Jim Holland’s blog from time to time on the Rapid City Journals web site for some updates and news from around the area as well.
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